Learn To Meditate Group Course


Over the course of three days you'll learn the 1 Giant Mind Being Meditation technique and the tools you need to maintain a self led meditation practice.  You'll leave with an understanding of what it means to connect to your Being and how you can access this in your daily life to feel more connected, more present and more YOU.

By the end of our time together you'll be a self reliant meditator

The course will help you to have a better relationship with your thoughts, manage symptoms of accumulated stress, improve your sleep quality, deepen your relationships and connect you to your own natural intelligence. 

In our first session together you will be given instruction on the technique and your own mantra to use.  After I deliver the technique to you we get to practice what you just learned by meditating together in the session.  When we’re done there will be time for  sharing and q and a,  during which I can answer any questions and give necessary feedback. 

The second session is another run through of the technique and another meditation plus q and a period.   You’ll learn all the tips and tricks to starting and keeping a new habit, including how to hold yourself accountable. 

The last session is yet another group meditation and q and a period before you learn the philosophy behind the Being technique.  I’ll go over all the ways people experience Being in meditation and in their daily life.  Yo get you even more excited about your new mediation practice you’ll learn how you can expect your life change because of it. :)

The goal is to make sure you gain a thorough understanding of this deeply restorative and rejuvenating practice. 

As a graduate of the 3-Day Learn To Meditate course, you will have continued one on one support with me and access to any live meditations.  You can also retake the group course anytime you need a refresher or an extra kick in the butt to get you meditating again.



*Leave your email at check out so that I can send you an informative email including the zoom link for the course. 

*Expect each session to run between 70-90 mins. 

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