Why I'm Here


I'm a lot of things.  I'm a creative, an anxious girlie, a helicopter mom, an advocate, a messy lady, a home chef, a design junkie and a meditator.  Sometimes I'm all of those things at once but I'm usually hovering somewhere between messy mama in the middle of a project but needs to take a break because I forgot to eat.
There are times when I struggle with anxiety and OCD.  I have trouble with time management and I almost always sign up for too many activities.  This can cause high levels of stress and overwhelm.  I know this.  But I also know that when I am meditating regularly, all of that stuff eases up.  My general anxiety is lower, my OCD in check and I am better able to say no to the things that are not serving me. It helps me regulate myself by keeping me in tune with what's going on with me and my family.  It helps me stay in the moment and out of the worry spirals.
I know what it's like to feel depleted and burnt out.  I know what it's like to feel you you have no creative juice left in you and maybe you'll never make or write anything ever again.  I also know what it feels like to get that energy and focus back, to feel like there is a creative well inside of me.  That stuff comes with deep rest and space and you can get that with a meditation practice.
Meditation changed my life and I was the very person who did not ever want to try it.  I thought it wasn't for me because I wasn't wearing beaded bracelets and repping the live laugh ohm signage.  I thought that my intrusive thoughts would make closing my eyes impossible.  I was wrong.  Meditation can actually be easy and effortless.  I can teach you. 
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I graduated fromf The 1 Giant Mind™ Teacher Training Academy and am certified to teach the 1 Giant Mind™ 3-Day Learn Meditation Course, which teaches a “Being” Meditation Technique.

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