Learn To Meditate


What can I gain from meditation?

There are a number of mental and physical benefits of a regular meditation practice but what I like to emphasize is the deep rest and recovery achieved by this technique. When our minds and bodies are restored we are able to recover much quicker from daily stressors and we experience less negative effects of compounded stress. Less stress equals more of your best self.

What kind of meditation do you teach?

I am certified to teach the 1 Giant Mind 3-Day Learn Meditation course. It's an effortless style of meditation that requires no special posturing or focusing. There is no need to suppress thoughts. Anyone can learn how to practice this - even so called non-meditators.

But what if I can't meditate?

I used to tell people that meditation wasn't for me. I had every reason in the book. I couldn't sit still, I couldn't stop thinking, and my favorite - I didn't have time. So much resistance and I still found success with this technique. I started looking forward to the practice and craved this time to sit with myself. If I can meditate, anyone can.

The course

The Format

You'll meet with me for three consecutive 90 minute sessions where I'll give you a mantra and guide you through the technique. Over the course of the three days we will meditate together and share our experiences. During this process I will answer any questions and provide feedback. This format allows for a deeper understanding of the technique.

What You'll Learn

In this course I'll detail the physical, emotional and mental benefits of a Being meditation technique and talk about some ways you can hold yourself accountable to keeping a regular practice. By the end of our three days together you'll be an expert meditator with a new tool to help you show up more authentically, more of the time.

Continued Support

As part of the course, you receive one-on-one support from me along with access to regular, invite only group meditations. All graduates of the course are welcome to retake the course free of charge whenever they need a refresher.

Sizing Guide


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