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Group Courses

Three 90 minute sessions

A max group size of 15 people

Session recordings

Pre-scheduled Dates

Group Privates

Three 75 minute sessions

Group sizes between 3-8 people

Session Recordings

Dates Requested

Private Teaching

Three 75 minute sessions

Individual attention

Session Recordings

Dates Requested

The course

The Format

The course is taught virtually, on zoom. We meet for three consecutive 60-90 minute sessions where I give you the run down of the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique. I give you a personal mantra to use before guiding you through the process. Each session covers a different area of meditation with plenty of room for questions and feedback. Over the course of the three days we will meditate together 3 times and share our experiences. During this process we will get to know each other and gain a deep understanding of the meditation technique.

What You'll Learn

I'll teach you the physical, emotional and mental benefits of meditation and the science behind it. I'll go over habit building and other tips for maintaining a regular meditation practice. By the end of our three days together you'll be an expert meditator with a new tool to help you show up more authentically, and effortlessly, more of the time.

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