What is Team Maybe?


Team Maybe came to me when I realized that all of us here in this community are living in a collective state of uncertainty, together. The uncertainty stems from a need to know if we are safe, if those we love and care about are safe and if we will continue to stay safe.

Living with OCD doesn’t leave a lot of room for not knowing. The unknown represents dire consequences, often life or death. So we search for answers. We search for meaning in thoughts that come out of nowhere and we give doubt and fear more votes than they deserve.

So in an effort to live our best, forward moving lives, I highly suggest we embrace the uncertainty, the unknown and start getting comfortable with maybe.

Maybe that scary thing will happen, maybe you are in a dream, maybe you don’t really love your partner or maybe you were wrong that one time back in the fifth grade.

If we can get to know the world of maybe, we can learn to notice that feeling of urgency when it comes to needing an answer, and instead of reacting to it, we can just let it be there.

The best thing about this is that you won’t be doing it alone. You’ll be sitting in maybe land with all of us. It will be fun.

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Sizing Guide


XSMALLWidth- 20 1/2 Length- 23 1/2

SMALL Width 21 1/4 Length- 24 1/2

MEDIUM Width- 22 1/4 Length 25 3/4

LARGE Width- 23 1/4 Length 27

XLARGE Width- 24 1/4 Length 28 1/2