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The first step to any successful OCD treatment program is knowledge. My therapist set me up with a few of these books before we started with ERP. She said that the more I knew about the disorder, the more effective my treatment would be. So, like the achiever I am, I hit the books. Honestly, before I read these books, I still doubted my diagnosis. It only took me a few pages to realize that all my thought patterns and basically my whole belief system was textbook OCD. It was a relief because I had an explanation for all my thought patterns, but now that had this information, it was up to me to do something about it.

For the person just discovering their OCD:The Mindfulness Workbook for OCDby Jon Hershfield

This book combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with mindfulness and offers practical tools for challenging your thinking, while helping you manage your compulsions, physical and mental.

When you’re ready for some exposures: Freedom from OCD by Jonathan Grayson

If you’re ready to learn more about common OCD themes and you want to start developing a treatment program for yourself, this book has all the information you need. It does into script writing, which can be triggering. Worth it though!

You suffer from anxiety, panic, OCD or phobias:Stopping the Noise in Your Head by Reid Wilson

Dr. Reid Wilson is an expert at treating anxiety disorders. He explains the paradox of moving towards discomfort in order to beat anxiety. I found this book to be a total game changer.

You have violent obsessions:Overcoming Harm OCD by Jon Hershfield

Having intrusive violent thoughts is scary, hard and can be shameful but it does not define you. This book uses CBT and mindfulness to help you let go of self-doubt and move forward with your life.

Your family is clueless about OCD:When a Family Member Has OCD by Jon Hershfield

This book explains OCD in a way that a non-sufferer can understand. It explains obsessions and compulsions and explains what those look like. It also helps family members learn how to effectively communicate with and support their loved one with OCD. If you can get your family member to rad this, feel free to write a post on it because i’m lost with that one.

You want a quick, helpful read:Everyday Mindfulness for OCD by Shala Nicely and Jon Hershfield

This book is full of practical, easy tips to live your life to the fullest even with OCD. Yes, you can learn to accept the thoughts, have compassion for yourself and even learn to meditate.

Need some inspiration for life after OCD:Is Fred in the Refrigerator by Shala Nicely

Shala goes back to her childhood to show us how pervasive OCD really is. We get to see all the ways the disorder manifests and then we get to see her take back control of her life and go on to help many others.

Want to read a book a non-clinical book about OCD:Pure by Rose Cartwright

I love this book because it dives right into the intensity of intrusive thoughts. This is a memoir of living with inappropriate sexual thoughts that is told in a raw and truthful way, while still managing to make me laugh.


That’s about it for the OCD reads. This collection should last you a good 6 months, or if you’re like me and take ages to read a book because you have other less important but more stimulating things to do, then this will do you for about 2 years.

*Update with MORE books coming. 

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